Privacy Laws Protect our Constitutional Right to Privacy

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Intrusion of Solitude is Unlawful

If the plaintiff satisfies the four elements that constitute an unlawful intrusion of solitude, the damages recovered are determined by the extent of suffering or anguish experienced by the plaintiff. No news industry professional or staff is held immune from a crime committed during an investigation under the 1st Amendment defense.

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What of False Light?

False light cases exist to protect the plaintiff's mental and emotional well-being in the case of duress do to false publication or testimonies that misrepresent character. The new technologies like social media and handheld devices with apps for media events and tweets have opened-up a new genre' of cases to be settled in the future.

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Appropriation of Name without Consent

The judicial recourse in the provisions of making an unscrupulous photographer or "tabloid" journalist pay for doing deep emotional harm is priceless. Especially when the plaintiff is an innocent minor. This ruling has two different approaches, the right to privacy and the right to own your own consent to publicity.

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Privacy Laws: History and Limitations

The origination of “right to privacy” began in the late 1890’s. An article in the Harvard Law Review was published by future Supreme Court Justice, Louise D. Brandis, and attorney “Bull” Warren. Unfortunately, persons who have been splayed in the public eye, according to the law, lost their right to privacy to a certain extent.

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